Friday, November 28, 2008

The Sims 2 & Paysites -- Together at Last?

If you celebrated it, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! And if you didn't (and even if you did), I hope this weekend is great! Here's some The Sims 2 news for you:

Poster Judhudson over at Urban Online Entertainment lets us know that the Maxoids are now defending the Paysites' rights to make money. He quotes a post made by MaxisDrea which forbids linking to PaySitesMustBeDestroyed on the official The Sims 2 Forums. That sounds fair enough, right? Until you hear her reasoning:

"This site often posts content that is either from our TS2 Store or from partner sites which are pay/subscription based. This is considered linking to pirated content." (emphasis mine)
Judhudson argues:
"As I recall, [PSMBD members] don’t post content from your store because it is official created by EA and technically is commercial content (even though it’s my opinion that it’s stupid to charge for such). PaySites Must Be Destroyed was setup to host content from fan-made paysites.

Speaking of which…since when did paysites become “Partner sites”?* Isn’t this breaking your own rules?"
So head on over to the Urban Entertainment Forums via the link above, grab some popcorn, and check out the sources he lists at the bottom. Once again, EA Maxis is providing us with a wild ride.


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